Duathlon Training…

After a short 2 week setback in my training, my fitness is back to where it was before I got sick. In fact, I might be a little bit ahead of where I was. I’ve incorporated running into my training routine, and while I’me still not a big fan of running, it has certainly helped improve my overall fitness.

The only reason that I am running is because I am also training for the HRRT Central Park Off Road Duathlon in Schenectady. Each year I want to race a duathlon but always shied away because of the runs. This year I’m all in. I’ve been running twice a week with no bike on those days. With 5 weeks until race day, today was my first bike and run training day. A 10 mile bike with a 2 mile run…one step at a time…



Eight reasons why riding alone is better than riding in a group – Cycling Weekly

Riding in a group comes with many benefits, namely having a bit of company and having people to keep you out of the wind when it’s not your turn to suffer. But riding alone can also be enjoyable, offering riders the peace and quiet of the road and a little ‘me time’ that we all crave every so often. So here are a few reasons by heading out on your own is brilliant.

Here’s the full article from Cycling Weekly: Eight reasons why riding alone is better than riding in a group – Cycling Weekly

Clean Bottle Sposorship

Clean Bottle is supporting Old Time Cycling with their unique water bottle. This bottle is so easy to clean…and so easy to drink out from without spilling and dripping like so many other bottles out there.

Opens from both ends for easy cleaning. It’s that simple.

Never hassle with dirty, moldy bottles again. With a removable top AND bottom the Clean Bottle is easy to, well, clean!  Using only BPA-free plastics, the dishwasher safe Clean Bottle is guaranteed for life.


Thanks Clean Bottle!

Body Glide Anti-Chafing Balm

Body Glide is the easiest and cleanest anti-chafing that I have ever used. It’s used just like you use a deodorant stick, and it is intended as a barrier to the effects of rubbing. Its formulation makes it easy to apply for all-day protection from skin on skin rubbing, chafing from clothing, or pinching and friction from shoes, protective gear, and other irritants. And there’s no sticky gunk on your hands.

Body GlideBODY GLIDE Anti-Chafe balm is the recognized leader for comfort. It helps prevent and relieve hot spots on feet, and chafed, chapped and cracked skin from head to toe; good during & after activity.

It penetrates the skin and creates an invisible, comfortable barrier against friction and moisture – without clogging pores or trapping perspiration; feels “dry” to the touch.

Protect against hot spots on feet and rubbing that causes saddle sores, chafed, chapped, and cracked skin, irritation from bras, even irritation from skin rubbing skin; used with footwear, orthotics, clothing, sports and swimwear, braces, gear, prosthesis, compression wear, wetsuits.


For Her is for sensitive areas where skin rubs skin, where bras cause chafing, where clothing irritates and chafes the underside of the arms, where thighs are irritated by apparel, and for feet where rubbing causes hot spots, chafing or blisters.

Body Glide for Her

  • Dry non-greasy skin protectant
  • No petroleum, oils or lanolin
  • Easy to apply
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Helps prevent and relieve dry chafed skin
  • Ideal for rubbing from sports bras




For the full line of Body Glide products, visit their website at www.bodyglide.com.

2016 Root 66 Race Series

Root 66 Race Series 2016 preliminary schedule:

April 10th – Hop Brook Dam
April 24th – Winding Trails/1st Kenda Cup East
May 15th – Millstone Grind/2nd Kenda Cup East
May 29th – Coyote Hill Classic
June 12th – Pat’s Peak
June 19th – Domnarski Farm
June 26th – Secret Squirrel MTB Race/4th Kenda Cup East/location TBA
July 17th – Bike for Bovines/Stonewall Farm
July 30th – The Barn Burner/Final Kenda Cup East
August 14th – Windham NY PRO/XCT and Race the World
September 11th – Landmine Classic

Weeping Willow the 3rd Kenda Cup East and EFTA event is May 22nd and The Gnar Weasel is July 3rd.
And waiting on dates for Putney Cider House Classic and Hodges Village Dam.