2016 Root 66 Race Series

Root 66 Race Series 2016 preliminary schedule:

April 10th – Hop Brook Dam
April 24th – Winding Trails/1st Kenda Cup East
May 15th – Millstone Grind/2nd Kenda Cup East
May 29th – Coyote Hill Classic
June 12th – Pat’s Peak
June 19th – Domnarski Farm
June 26th – Secret Squirrel MTB Race/4th Kenda Cup East/location TBA
July 17th – Bike for Bovines/Stonewall Farm
July 30th – The Barn Burner/Final Kenda Cup East
August 14th – Windham NY PRO/XCT and Race the World
September 11th – Landmine Classic

Weeping Willow the 3rd Kenda Cup East and EFTA event is May 22nd and The Gnar Weasel is July 3rd.
And waiting on dates for Putney Cider House Classic and Hodges Village Dam.


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